Highlighting the importance of communication and information during the crisis, Equal Access International Philippines brings you the OURmindaNOW COVID19 Updating Platform. It utilizes our information-communication ecosystem methodology that actively engages partners to create, interact with and continuously inform the public through the content that we produce.

The OMN Updating Platform aims to gather and disseminate timely, verified and accurate information on a regional, Mindanao-wide, and national level; mitigate the prevalence of unverified information to avoid disinformation; and promote positive and alternative messages.

The OMN Updating Platform OMN COVID-19 Updating Platform can also be accessed on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OMNCovid19Platform

Philippines COVID-19 Updates

Issue No. 13

Issue No. 12

Issue No. 11

Issue No. 10

Issue No. 9

Issue No. 8

Issue No. 7

Issue No. 6

Issue No. 5

Issue No. 4

Mindanao COVID-19 Updates

Issue No. 1


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