Our guiding principles of local ownership and the sense of urgency to build peace is reflected in the official branding of the messaging hubs—OURmindaNOW. This distinct identity hopes to promote a collective understanding on the uniqueness of Mindanaoans, respect in the difference of religions, cultures, and traditions, as well as noteworthy positive narratives that weave mindanao together as one island of peace.

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The OURmindaNOW brand is powered by Equal Access International, a non-governmental organization headquartered in Washington D.C. that has partnered with communities in conflict-affected countries since 2002 to co-create sustainable solutions for peace promotion.

This mission of providing equal access to communities is a global social movement and we are starting locally here in the Philippines with Mindanao, the land of promise. The bounty of opportunities and diversity in culture poises Mindanao as an emerging hub in Southeast Asia for peacebuilding and peace promotion.



Together with over 15 country offices from around the world, Equal Access International implements an integrated approach to the following key impact areas:

EAI’s Programmatic Approach

At the core of our award-winning social and behavior change methodology is a generative communications ecology that actively engages beneficiaries to create, interact with and continuously inform content. The mutually-reinforcing components of our approach include:

Engaging Local Content

All content is produced in-country, using local languages, and informed by and featuring local leaders and stakeholders. This level of local ownership ensures compelling, culturally-resonant content that audiences want to share of their own accord.

Multiplatform Dissemination

EAI breaks down barriers to content consumption by ensuring that the most remote and marginalized people are reached through its multi-platform dissemination—including through radio, TV, video and film, print, live events like mobile theater, and digitally-based technologies.

Direct Community Engagement

To deepen discourse, provide actionable opportunities to apply new information, and inform media content on an ongoing basis, EAI facilitates direct engagements with community partners through grassroots and public forums which complement various media activities.


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The Philippines has witnessed the rise of violent extremist ideologies circulating in our communities and in the media for the past few years proving the need to transform these kinds of ideologies to functional parts of the community through the power of a positive and peaceful message.

EAI’s approach to preventing and transforming violent extremism (PTVE) empowers communities and individuals with credible information and positive local narratives that espouse concepts of peace and tolerance, challenges the veracity of recruitment appeals, and provides concrete opportunities for dialogue and engagement with government, religious, and community leaders.

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EAI currently operates in Afghanistan, Burkina Faso, Chad, Nepal, Niger, Cameroon, Mali, Nigeria, Philippines and Pakistan, employing over 150 host-nation staff worldwide.