‘OURmindaNOW’ radio program to go back on air in August

‘Mabusising talakayan, mga isyu’y pag-uusapan. Mapayapang Mindanao. Let’s make it NOW. It’s OURmindaNOW!’

Rings a bell?

The one-hour radio magazine program produced by Equal Access International-Philippines (EAI-PH) will once again go on air this August 2021 after it concluded the 24-episode pilot  in December 2019.

Through the EAI-PH-implemented Communities and Schools Leading in the Fight Against Terrorism (CS-LIFT) Project, the radio program will bring together a range of trusted and influential voices to provide analysis and insight on important issues including youth radicalization and debunking violent extremism (VE) messaging, while strengthening the capacity of youth workers, youth religious leaders, and at-risk youth to become positive influencers in the community. The OURmindaNOW radio program will be divided into three segments: Peace News Alert, Talkshow, and VoxPop.

The radio program is the offline component of the CS-LIFT Project’s Information, Education and Communication (IEC) campaign that will air in seven partner radio stations located in Basilan (DXNO), Sulu (DXMM), Cotabato City (DXJC Voice FM), Marawi City (DXSO Radyo Pilipinas Marawi), Maguindanao (DXBUP), General Santos City (DXCP) and Zamboanga City (DXXX). It is designed as a six-episode radio show that will run from August to October 2021 with hosts and co-hosts coming from the representative areas. Aside from engaging more local radio stations, this year’s OURmindaNOW radio program highlights the participation of the Tech Camp graduates and the Kabataang Payapa Network (KPN) core members who will co-produce and will co-host the radio program.

The campaign’s key messages are rooted from the Collaborative Design Workshop (CDW) in February 2021 which was attended by regional Messaging Hub members, Tech Camp graduates and partner groups and organizations. The CDW aimed to come up with locally resonant content that responds to context-based issues faced by partner communities wherein results from the online workshop were used in the IEC campaign plan. A Content Advisory Group (CAG) was also established to ensure that campaign messages are religious and culturally sensitive, appropriate, compelling and impactful among its target audience, particularly youth, women, vulnerable groups, marginalized sector, and rural and conflict-affected communities.

Aside from the radio program, CS-LIFT will include original online and traditional media campaigns through social media channels, posters, and face-to-face interactions that will  build community consciousness and social cohesion against VE. It will engage important sectors in the community who have the capacity to help increase awareness of VE group activities and recruitment appeals, and to develop alternative messaging strategies to counter terrorist ideology.

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