Teen Trail Caravan for Peace launches new online campaign

Campaigning for peace online has swept the virtual world during the period of the pandemic. Various activities done using internet-based applications have been a resort among our young peace advocates. Early this year, the Teen Trail Caravan for Peace, one of the peace projects founded by EAI Philippines Peace Promotion Fellowship alumnus, Rowel Damas, launched a new online campaign dubbed as the #PieceByPieceforPeace. 

The campaign which mainly uses Facebook as its main platform seeks to ‘empower the youth with the capacity to foster intercultural dialogue within their communities by incorporating digital technologies’.  

#PieceByPieceforPeace engages the youth with ages 15-25 years old as they have strong online presence allowing them to share instantly their thoughts and what interests them as young individuals.  

“To reduce the prevalence of hate speech and discrimination online, it is essential to build a platform that fosters intercultural dialogue and understanding between the tri-people of Mindanao (Christians, Muslims, and Lumads). The project gives the youth an online environment where they could better understand the multi-cultural space that they continuously navigate,” shared Rowel. 

The people behind the campaign are fellow peace advocates and Rowel’s schoolmates at Xavier University Ateneo de Cagayan. They are Alhakim Palanggalan who is also an alumnus of the EAI Philippines OURmindaNOW Tech Camp Batch 2, Nichole Talatala, Ivan Logencito Oran, Mary Joyce Pascual and Danny Jeff Poras. The group has been sharing through their Facebook page contents and digital posters that tackles cultural and religious diversity among the tri-people of Mindanao, and has held webinars with other youth groups and individuals. Through this campaign, these cultures are highlighted, along with the promotion of peace, tolerance, and living in harmony with others.

Be part of the #PieceByPieceForPeace Campaign by visiting their Facebook Page here: https://www.facebook.com/teentrailcaravanforpeace

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