Celebrating the youth, the real-life heroes

The month of August was a celebration of individuals who play key roles in this generation – the youth and the humanitarian workers or our #RealLifeHeroes. The International Youth Day on August 12 and the World Humanitarian Day on August 19 were both celebrated, albeit more virtually, around the globe.

This year’s theme of the International Youth Day focused on the essential participation of the youth in global action, especially now that the country and the world have seen how far the youth can lead in helping the communities survive the pandemic. Spearheading donation drives and crowdfunding, hosting educational webinars, providing platforms for people struggling with their mental health, volunteering as frontline workers, utilizing skills and talent for resource generation, are just some of the brilliant contributions of the Filipino youth since the COVID-19 health crisis started. It goes to show how the youth continue to persevere in taking a stand in nation-building for the Filipino people. 

“We, the youth, must be active in helping the communities because we are of a larger group and therefore have a larger impact in the society”, shared one of EAI’S Tech Camp Alumnus Mush-Abulkhayir Ahmad from Basilan.

As a dedication, EAI-Philippines gathered chosen Tech Camp alumni in a special presentation of the ‘Panatang Makabayan’ or the ‘Patriotic Oath’. The oath is a symbolic reminder to every Filipino of their duty to the country and the Filipino youth’s basic foundation of sovereignty, freedom and nation building, as necessary guide towards taking global action and solidarity on a more inclusive society that supports more youth participation, engagement and opportunities. (Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cSHEgv8AgAA)

In the same week, the University Student Action Force (SAF) – Malangas Chapter also hosted the U-SAF Tayo! as a highlight event of the #IYD2020, in partnership with EAI-Philippines. The online event gathered more than 40 students and SAF alumni and discussed ongoing and future efforts of the SAF in peacebuilding and as active peace influencers in their respective communities.

On August 19, EAI-Philippines and the OURmindaNOW community joined the United Nations in giving tribute to all the humanitarian workers and frontline workers around the globe. The World Humanitarian Day was widely celebrated in the Philippines through a week-long online campaign which featured stories of #RealLifeHeroes.

In one of EAI-Philippines’ video posts for #WHD2020, Country Director Exan Sharief gave his warm remarks of gratitude to the humanitarian workers. He also shared the OMNCOVID-19 Updating Platform – an EAI-Philippines and OMN Messaging Hub-led communication response that helps address information needs and gaps that can aid in humanitarian service for better and more informed decision-making. (Watch the video here: https://www.facebook.com/EqualAccessPH/videos/1077670245963840/)

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